Trending: Bubble Masks

They have been around in the Korean-Beautyworld for quite some time now and I finally got the chance to try them!

I’m talking about Bubble Masks.

But, what are they?

Long story short: They are face masks who once they get in contact with your skin build these fun little bubbles. This foam in combination with the masks ingredients helps to cleanse your skin. These bubbles are supposed to free your skin from dead skin cells and smooth your pores.

I’ve  honestly never tried anything K-Beauty before so I was quite sceptical about the product. But since I heard alot of great reviews about it I was very keen on trying it too.

I was very lucky to have been sent two different ones to try by the generous Anna from (great K-Beauty Online Shop, worth the check !)

Elizavecca Milky Piggy – Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

The Saem – Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask


My Skin

I have combination/oily skin and suffer from enlarged pores. Especially when it’s that time of the month I tend to get impurities und blackheads therefore I prefer masks that cleanse my skin and target these areas.

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Vichy – Slow Âge

Hello again!

Heute möchte ich euch die neue Feuchtigkeitspflege von Vichy vorstellen.


@Coolbrandz war so nett und schickte mir einen Tester der Pre-Series mit 30ml sowie 10 Muster zum ausprobieren.

Was verpricht das Produkt?

Es soll die erste Tagesceme sein, die es ermöglichen soll die ersten Zeichen der Hautalterung zu reduzieren und auszugleichen. Vichy Slow Age ist angereichert mit drei Wirkstoffen (Baïcalin-Wurzel-Extrakt, Bifidus (Probiotikum-Derivat) und mineralisierendes Thermalwasser von Vichy)  die in der Anti-Aging Forschung als besonders effektiv gelten. Des weiteren soll sie vor UVS und UVB Strahlen schützen (SPF 25)

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