How to | Depotting MAC Lipsticks

As a makeup artist you always try to make the most out of your kit. You want everything to IMG_2695be organised and neat. It is key to a fast and professional work.

Especially when it comes to lipsticks it can get confusing and tedious.

I want to show you an easy way to make sure all of your lipsticks are in one place and you no longer have to carry around heaps of lipstick tubes.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Your Favourite Lipsticks
Some kind of spatula or knife
A spoon


  • Candle
  • Matches
  • Some paper towel
  • MAC Palette

First of all you want to measure your lipstick and cut off how much you would want to IMG_2707put in your palette. For the MAC palette I recommen using around 2/3 of the lipstick. Place it in your spoon.






As a next step you will hold the spoon over your burning candle an MELT the lipstick.

Caution: Make sure the lipstick does not boil and doesn’t get too hot. It should just melt evenly.



Once it has melted, just simply pour it in your palette. Don’t worry if you mess up, you IMG_2712can always clean up the edges. Let it dry for around 5 minutes.





And you are done!

Quick tip: Make sure to put the name tags of the lipsticks on the bottom of the palette for reference if someone asks you or you run out of it.



I hope this was helpful to you! Keep an eye out for a upcoming Youtube video where I explain everything in detail.

Lots of love, Patricia

NYX Face Awards Entry | Queen of Birds

Hello everyone!

This post is a rather exciting post!

I entered the very first edition of the NYX Face Awards in Switzerland.

It was quite a challenge to create something more special and made me go out of my comfort zone alot.

The look I created was inspired by several pictures I saw on Pinterest and by the beauty of birds.

Here’s what I came up with



Products used:
Smashbox – Porerefining Primer
NYX Cosmetics – HD Concealer (Green), Concealer Palette (Light), Blush (Taupe), Contour Palette
MAC Cosmetics – Studio Fix Powder (NC20), Fluidline Eyebrow Gel (True Brunette), Paint Pot (Stroke my Ego), Eye Khol (Costa Riche)
Bobbi Brown – Bronzing Powder (Medium)
Morphe Cosmetics – 35O Palette
Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette, Masterpalette by Mario
KatvonD Beauty – Metal Crush Eyeshadow (Raw Power)
L’oréal Cosmetics – Superliner (Black)
Kryolan – Aquacolor 12 Palette
Urban Decay – 24/7 Glide On Pencil (Scorch)
Jouer Cosmetics – Highlighter (Citrine)
Maybelline New York – Lash Sensational Mascara
Too Faced – Better Than Sex Mascara
Red Cherry Lashes – no. 213
Feathers – From a local craft store (Leibundgut Zurich)
Feather Chocker – Selfmade

Now this is more of an Ediorial/Avant Garde makeup look which is great for photographs as well.

Please check out my video on my Youtube channel to see how I created this look. Don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and subscribe!

I really hope you like this look as much as I do!

XX Patricia




How to | Glitter

I get asked alot how I apply my glitter in my looks.Working with it can be intimidating and messy if not applied correctly. It for sure needs some practise and experience.

Here are some tips and tricks that will make your glitter last all day long.

What kind of glitter?


There are many different glitters on the market. MAC Cosmetics does some great ones, which you can get online ( or in a Pro Store near you.

Also I was very surprised to find some gliters at H&M the other day. They also have a great Color selection.

For professional use I think there is no other glitter than LitCosmetics Glitter. Seriously the best gltter out there! The color selection is amazing and you can get them in four different sizes. There are very small cuts to very large cuts, depending on the intensity or body part you decide to apply it.

It is without a doubt of very high quality and a great value for the price (16$ per jar).


Now, here comes the tricky part.

Working with glitter can get really messy if you do not use the correct base underneath.

I have 3 options that have worked for me in the past and present:img_1540

  1. LitCosmetics Glitter Base
  2. Bobbi Brown Natural Brow Shaper
  3. DUO Lash glue

The best thing you can use is for sure the original LitCosmetics Glitter Base as they come in different versions such as ‘clearly liquid’, ‘waterresistant’ or ‘forever wear’. It is being used in professional environment alot.  Application with this system is very simple as you just dip the brush in the glue and then in the glitter

I think a great alternative is to use a brow gel as a base. Since its purpose is to keep your brows in place it is most likely to do the same with glitter. This method was actually recommended to me by a makeup artist at MAC. I personally like the Bobbi Brown one the most. Once it dires, it does not move what so ever.

Using lash glue for glitter application can be pretty tough. You need to make sure to catch the right timing to apply the glitter on top. Otherwise it will stick to your brush and not your eyelids.

Please note: Wait for the base to get tacky before you apply the glitter on top!


With glitter and glitter bases you want to use a synthetic bristle makeup brush as the product will not adhere to the bristles but will distribute it evenly.img_1541

You can choose whether you want to apply it with a liner brush, an angeled brush or a flat brush. It really depends what look you are going for. Also you could use the blue spikey sponge ting (not sure what the corect term is for it! ) to apply more of a glittery dust.

Don’t be scared to work with glitter! Once you get the hang of it, it is so much fun! Glitter can be applied in various ways. From subtle to dramatic. From head to toe!


I hope my tips and tricks have been helpful for you and I would love to see your glitter looks!

Tag me on Instagram @Sarah_mey!

XX Sarah

My Masterclass Experience

IMG_1522[1]If you’ve been following me on my Instagram you would have seen that I just recently attended the infamous Masterclass by Mario Dedivanovic in London.

I have waited for this day to come for what feels like a lifetime!

So I got ready, packed all my stuff and headed to the location. (in the most posh UBER ever – thanks Sorin! ) When I arrived, I tought there were quite a few people waiting in line – until I saw how long the queue actually was.

That’s when I said to myself  ‘well, you will not get a great seat after all’ since it was first come first serve. BUT: Everything was fine in the end! We were actually the luckier ones, since there were people who, for whatever reason, seemed to not find any seats. They might have overbooked the class or so, I don’t know.

When Mario came on stage everyone went crazy! Oh, how we waited for this moment to finally happen! He seemed very relaxed and excited to start his Masterclass.

The model he chose for his demo was undoubtably gorgeous and beautiful.



Before he started with the actual class he asked us to not film the entire thing and spoil all of his secrets shared during the class. Which of course makes sense. Nonetheless we were allowed to take pictures now and then or do a couple of snaps. So everything you see here is 100%  legal!


Mario decided to show us his famous ‘Natural Red Carpet Glam’ makeup look.

Of course I’m not going to tell all his techniques since that’s the point of going to one of his materclasses, BUT I can say this much:


During his demo he shared alot of insider tips not only on how he applies makeup but also how to be a successful makeup artist in general. I really appreciated his openness and the fact that he shared some of his story as well. His advice were merely on the technical/professional side, which I really liked and he really did take his time to answer all of our questions. (not that I would actually speak up, but you know what I mean…)

After a rather short lunch break the class continued and he finished the look. The model looked absolutely stunning! I mean look at her!IMG_1593[1]Now for the juicy part…

Once the class was over they asked us to stay seated as they were setting up for the pictures. But because they were kind of behind schedule alot of people were getting stressed and hectic.

Long story short, we obviously could not all wait in line to take a picture and they tried to split us into groups which of course did not work as planned. It was getting a bit annoying as I felt like it was kind of unorganised. It would have been better if they just set up the ‘photo studio’ somewhere on your way out and you could take your picture right before you left the building.

Nonetheless, I managed to get my photo with Mario! (Please ignore the fact that I look like a total moron in this pic!)


When we left the building we received our certificate and the infamous GOODIE BAG! (Which was surprisingly heavy, and yes there will be a video where I reveal all the goodies in detail!)


The only thing I was disappointed about was that the certificate did not have my name on it. Please correct me if I’m wrong but I thought it said that  a certificate of completion with your name on it is included in the price. Without it I feel like it is just a piece of paper anyone can have.

Of course its printed on a paper of good quality and has his signature on it but still. For me, I will now have to go to get my name printed on it which I think is a bit a bummer since you pay a good amount of money to participate the Masterclass.

Nevertheless, it was an amazing experience meeting Mario and learning his techniques. I met some beautiful ladies and it was awsometo be surrounded by people who love the same things as you do. I left London super inspired and motivated to keep on doing what I love most.

Stay tuned for the big Goodie Bag Reveal on my Youtube Channel: thesarahmey!

XX Patricia











Look | Bronze Grunge

I just recently came back from my London trip where I, of course, went makeup shopping.

We popped into MAC at Covent Garden and I finally got my hands on their ‘Copper’ pigment which has been sold out everywhere in Switzerland. I was so excited to finally do a look with it.

Here’s the look I created




Smashbox – Primer Water

Guerlain – L’Or Primer

Urban Decay – All Nighter Foundation

Laura Mercier – Setting Powder

NYX Cosmetics – Concealer Palette in Light; Blush ‘Taupe’ for contouring

Bobbi Brown – Bronzing Powder Medium

Sleek Makeup – Cleopatra’s Kiss Hightlighter Palette


Urban Decay – Naked 2

Essence Cosmetics – Clear Gloss

MAC Cosmetics – Copper Pigment


I really love these more Editorial/Grungy looks! What do you think?

Really hope you like it as much as I do.

xx Patricia


Trending: Faux Freckles

Hi Loves!

I honestly cannot wait for summer to begin! I am so sick of the cold weather and the thick scarves!

What better way to feel a bit more “summery” than with a makeup look?

This years spring/summer trend I find to be super awesome. Faux Freckles is the thing to do in the makeup world at the moment.

Not only does it make you look more youthful but it also makes you look refreshed as if you just came back from a relaxing holiday on some desert island (yeah right…!).

Here’s what I came up with:


Products I’ve used


Urban Decay Cosmetics – All Nighter Foundation

NYX – HD Concealer, Taupe Blush to contour

Laura Mercier – Loose Setting Powder Translucent

MAC Cosmetics – Warm Soul & Margin Blush

Bobbi Brown – Bronzer Medium

Jouer Cosmetics – Citrine Highlighter


MAC Cosmetics – Tan & Vanilla Pigment

Morphe Brushes – 35O Palette

Inglot Cosmetics – Dura Line Mixing Fluid

Ardell – Whispie Lashes


MAC Cosmetics – True Brunette Eyebrow Cream

Inglot Cosmetics – Dura Line Mixing Fluid

Zoeva – Pointed Brush

Plus: Have a foundation of your choice ready!


How to do it:

  1. Make sure your base is flawless. So no pimples or redness showing trough. Although this is going to be a “natural” look we do not want extra distraction apart from the freckles.img_06861
  2. Think about where you want to put your freckles first as it is harder to correct them afterwards. Since I usually have freckles in summertime I had a rough idea where I wanted to put them. But you can always take a picture for reference as well.
  3. Take a little bit of the eyebrow cream onto a flat surface and mix it with one or two drops of the Dura Line. Now, I purposely took a eyebrow product, since the color is a bit more ashy usually so it looks more natural. You could also use a pen or pencil for this.
  4. With your pointed brush you now want to mimic your freckles. Be sure to use a light hand as you’re placing the dots on your face. Try to apply some with more pressure and some with less pressure as it gives more or less color payoff and therefore more dimension. It really is up to you how many freckles you want to apply.
  5. As a last step and to make it look more natural you can now go over it with a foundation brush, that has just a little bit left of your earlier application.





You see, it really is easy and looks so good on all different skintones too!

Let me know if this was helpful and I would love to see your freckled looks.

Tag me on Instagram: sarah_mey






Look | Blue Glitter

Here is a look I recently created using only a few eyeshadows but lots of glitter.

I felt very inspired by all of these people on Instagram and wanted to create something out of my comfort zone.


Products used:

Inglot Cosmetics – Eye Shadow Keeper Primer

Urban Decay  – Full Spectrum Palette and Naked 2 Palette

MAC – Smolder Eye Khol, Blue/Black Glitter

H&M Cosmetics – Black Glitter

Maybelline – Mascara

Ärdell Lashes – Demi Whispies

DUO – Eyelash Glue to stick on the glitter


I absolutely love to create these more Editorial Looks. It’s a great way for me to be more creative and try new techniques. Getting out of your comfort zone every once in a while only makes you grow and thats exacly how I feel at the moment.

Hope you like it!

XX Sarah