First Impression: Infinity Palette/Brushes by Linda Hallberg

I seriously could not wait to get my hands on this one. Linda Hallberg has been an inspiration for me since day one!

She’s such an incredibly talented makeup artist but she seems to excel herself everytime she creates a new look. I truly adore her style and approach to make up and was more than thrilled to hear that she released her own makeup brand: LHCosmetics.

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I’ve only had my palette for a couple of days so this is more of a first Impression since I am yet to try it properly.


The Palette Comes with 8 big pans of deliciousness. You get two highlighting shades  (Virgo, Milky Way) , two blushy shades (Andromeda, Pinwheel), two more nudey shades (Maffei, Cigar), a baby puke brown (Zwicky, which I loooove!) and a pitch black (Fornax).

“There are no rules to Make up”

The purpose or the idea behind this palette is hidden in the name. It’s supposed to give you infinite possibilities when creating a makeup look. You can choose which color you want to use as an eyeshadow or bronzer or liner. Plus: You can use them wet OR dry! There are no rules to make up, and I think this palette underlines this statement even more.

When I first felt the brushes though, I was a liiiiittle bit (just a little!) disappointed. I imagined them being a bit softer and more luxurious. But as I got to try them I started to like them alot. The liner brush is amazing! It gives me this perfect thin line while not being too hard to control.

The brushes:

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Here’s the look I created:

Shades used:

Zwicky: Transition colour in the crease as well as inner and outer corner to create a little halo

Fornax: Outer Corner, lower lashline

Virgo: Center of the lid, inner corner highlight and cheekbone Highlight

Liner is a Catrice Cosmetics liner pen.


As of right now I can say that I like the concept of the palette. I love the fact that you can carry one palette only and create different looks with it. I think it is convenient for when you travel or as an addition to your professional kit.

I am so excied to try more looks with this palette. Keep your eyes open for more pics on my Instagram 🙂

XX Sarah

Candy in a Jar

I was very keen on trying these Jouer Liquid Lipstick everyone one the internet is raving about. Thank you very much to @diamondfashionloves (on instagram) for selling them to me.


Here are my thoughts on the products.

I got them in six different colors: Noisette, Cassis, Pétale de Rose, Lychee, Framboise, Dulce de Leche

The first thing I noticed was the smell.  It has a very sweet, sugary, vanilla-y sent which reminds me alot of that strawberry sugar candy that you would get at the Fall Fair. (in Switzerland at least) You know the one with the the red coating and white fluffy stuff inside? Anyway. It’s my favourite.

They swatched really nice which made me even more curious to see how they apply and wear throughout the day.


I was really surprised on how smooth they applied, since they seemed to have somekind of a thicker consistency (That’s why they’re called ‘lip crème’. duh!)  No streaks what so ever. Although I must say you might need two layers with some of the colors to get a seamless finish. But they do not cake up at all.

These liquid lipsticks dried pretty fast but did not dry out my lips, which alot of liquid lipticks tend to do. It was very comfortable and weightless. I must say that, when you’re wearing liquid lipstick you usually can’t avoid that ‘inner-lip-dryness-cracking-shit’. (excuse my choice of words) Same with this one, not too bad (I’ve seen worse) but still there.

I’ve worn all of the colors and put them to the test. In my job I talk alot (what else..?) and that didn’t seem to bother these beauties at all. Even after lunch it stayed put really well. But you know, I am that kinda girl that likes to refresh her lipstick after lunch anyway because she usually gets bored of the color.

I honestly love these so much, that I haven’t worn anything else the past two weeks. Which means alot in my case.

My favourite by far: Lychee


Would I recommed buying it? Absolutely!

They retail for  18USD/17 CHF (6ml / 0.21fl.oz)  each and you can buy them directly on their website There are a total of 23 shades available. (also their new Fall collection is here too!)


I hope you enjoyed this little read. Let me know if you’ve tried them yourself and what you think about it  in the comments below!

xx Sarah






Trending: Bubble Masks

They have been around in the Korean-Beautyworld for quite some time now and I finally got the chance to try them!

I’m talking about Bubble Masks.

But, what are they?

Long story short: They are face masks who once they get in contact with your skin build these fun little bubbles. This foam in combination with the masks ingredients helps to cleanse your skin. These bubbles are supposed to free your skin from dead skin cells and smooth your pores.

I’ve  honestly never tried anything K-Beauty before so I was quite sceptical about the product. But since I heard alot of great reviews about it I was very keen on trying it too.

I was very lucky to have been sent two different ones to try by the generous Anna from (great K-Beauty Online Shop, worth the check !)

Elizavecca Milky Piggy – Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

The Saem – Gem Miracle Black Pearl O2 Bubble Mask


My Skin

I have combination/oily skin and suffer from enlarged pores. Especially when it’s that time of the month I tend to get impurities und blackheads therefore I prefer masks that cleanse my skin and target these areas.

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Look at All these Colors!

Hi guys!

Today I want to introduce you to the VioletVoss Palette in collaboration with Laura Lee (known from her YouTube channel ‘Laura Lee’ ).IMG_4321

I’ve never heard about the palette or the brand before. (Which happens alot, since I live in Switzerland and we don’t carry these kind of brands around here.) One day I was browsing though Instagram and saw somebody using it. I had to try is asap!

So I went to their website ( bought it.

It retailed for 45 USD which equals around 43 CHF . Shipping was really fast and safe as well. It arrived within a week!

Now, let’s get on to the good stuff, shall we? 😉

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A Champagne Glow

BeccaXJaclynHill: Champagne Collection Face Paletteimg_3524


Vielleicht bin ich ein wenig spät  um über diese Palette eine Review zu schreiben. Denn sie ist ja schon eine Weile auf dem Markt. Und doch kann ich’s nicht lassen über sie zu sprechen.

Ich habe mir dieses Schmuckstück auf unserer letzten USA Reise gekauft als wir, wo auch sonst, bei Sephora vorbeischauten.

Aufgeregt habe ich mir eines der wenigen übrigen Exemplare gekrallt und gewusst, dass ich sie lieben werde.

 Maybe I jumped a bit late on the bandwagon to write a review about this product, but I just can’t keep silent about this one.

I bought this gem during our US trip this summer. And since the products were exclusive to SEPHORA, this was the place to be. I grabbed one of the few that were left and immediately knew, that I am going to love it. Continue reading “A Champagne Glow”