Top 5 Beauty Icons


I got tagged on Instagram by the lovely Sarah (@spiceituptv) to let you guys know who my absolute beauty idol is.

Now, this is a tough one, since there isn’t just one for me. I decided to narrow them down to my top 5. Some of them are Makeup Artists, Beauty Influencers but also classic beauties that inspire me.

Pixiwoo Sisters

I had the opportunity to meet them in person at one of their book signings they did for their book ‘Face’, which if you haven’t bought it yet …Where have you been?.  They are so genuine and real. I honestly could not get over how beautiful they were in person. Everyone of us waiting in line got the chance to chat with them and have their photo taken. (Fangirl moment af!!) This was definetely one of the crutial moments when deciding to become a Makeup Artist.

They have inspired me alot throughout the years not only because of their awesome tutorials on Youtube but also because they have worked as makeup artists before starting their channel. I hope to be able to work with them one day or meet them again. Like who would not?

(And yes, I look like a dork in this picture…)


Linda Hallberg

I don’t think I need to introduce her really. She is a full-blood makeup artist and has an amazing style. Her approach to makeup always amazes me and the technical skills she has are beyond perfection. Linda truly appreciates the art of makeup and let’s everyone be part of her creative and colorful mind. She is a true idol and inspiration for me and I hope one day to have only a small porpotion of her skills. Plus: SHE IS GEORGEOUS!



Jaclyn Hill

I have been watching Jaclyn’s beauty videos for as long I can think of. She started as this girl working at MAC giving tips on Youtube. We have all seen her grow into this huge phenomenon and business woman. Her determination and dedication to what she does and loves is mind-blowing. The story behind her success is so inspiring to me and her positivity is contagious.

I love her personality as much as I love her style in makeup.



Grace Kelly

My mom named me after her (Gracia Patricia, yes my real name is Patricia) so I believe she was keen on her as well. Grace Kelly was one of the most beautiful women at the time and has been an icon then and now. Her natural and beauty and her sophisticated style have always spoken for themselves. I would have loved to work with her, but we know that’s unfortunately not going to happen.


Kate Middleton – Duchess of Cambridge

I just love Kate Middleton’s naturalness and the simplicity of her makeup. She never looks overdone but not like she has just got out of bed either. (well, you should look presentable as the Duchess of Cambridge, right? ) There were rumours that she insists on doing her makeup herself but I don’t know if thats true. Anyway she looks amazing! And can we take a moment to appreciate her hair for a moment…? thank you!



So, who is you beauty icon? I would love to know!

XX Sarah





How 2016 changed everything

Two thousand and sixteen has been an important year for me in many ways. It has taught me many lessons and was quite mind-opening too.

There has definitely been alot of struggle and frustration along the way, up to a point where I did not know a way out anymore. I felt very unhappy in many ways and felt alot of pressure from different people and / or situations. But they say it’s during rough times where we learn the most, right?

2016 was the year I decided to be myself more than ever.

First of all, I decided to be more active and take more care of my body. (I’m not saying it was easy! Hell no!)  My boyfriend and I care more about what we eat and encourage eachother to work out more (Well, most of the time it’s him kicking my butt, I’m not gonna lie…).

Although it was not easy, I really enjoy working out now. It helps me unwind alot and keeps my mind and body balanced.

2016 was also the year I made the desicion to follow my heart and my passion. Not caring about the opinion of others or letting them put me under alot of pressure was quite a challenge for me. But still: I put ME first.

img_82621This is why I quit my studies in Business Administration and decided to become a Make up Artist instead. It has been a longtime dream of mine which for several reasons I could never pursue. This year I had to take the opportunity and just do it!

Rarely in my life have I ever been so motivated and determined about something! It was kind of a “break free” moment for me. Breaking free from the negativity surrounding me as well as my own self-consciousness. The feedback I received upon my decision was amazing! Suddenly I experience this massive support from close people around me which to me is the best confirmation I could have ever asked for.


The older I get the more I realize that it is not important what other people say or think about you. Make sure you surround yourself with positive people, create positiveimg_1809 memories and make others think positive too. And if we fall down we get the hell up again! But most importantly: You need to love yourself first!

If something doesnt make you happy, change it! We only have this one life to live, why not live it to the fullest? We should be able to live the life we have imagined for ourselves and do whatever the hell we want!

(YOLO isn’t such a bad term at all, I guess…;) )


This is my favourite picture of 2016 which was taken on our USA trip. It was our last day in Miami, FL  and we got up early in the morning to see the sunrise. The sea was still calm and the sky was almost clear. My boyfriend and I had the best time and we can’t wait to travel more this year. This picture is always a reminder of how important he is to me. He’s always been my rock and has supported me no matter what. Same this year. THANK YOU! (I know you’re reading this… 😉 )

I am convinced that 2017 will be a great year and I cant wait for it to really get started!

Thanks for reading!

XX Sarah




All Things Glitter

I have fallen in love with glittery eye looks recently and since New Years Eve is just around the corner I figured: what better time to play around with it?

Here’s the look I created:


Products used:


Urban Decay  – All Nighter foundation

Laura Mercier – Loose Setting Powder

NYX – HD Concealer

Bobbi Brown – Bronzer ‘Medium’

LH Cosmetics – Infinity Palette ‘Virgio’ & ‘Milky Way’ as Highlighter



Morphe – 35O Palette

NYX – Liquid Liner in Black

H&M Beauty – Gold Glitter Dust and Glitter Particles

MAC – Copper Glitter

Too Faced – ‘Better Than Sex’ Mascara

Ardell – ‘Demi Whispies’ Lashes



Catrice Cosmetics – Nude Lipliner

MAC – Viva Glam II Lipstick


Hope you like the look!

And by the way: I love my new camera! I got the Canon G7X Mar II as a christmas present to myself. So far, so happy with it!

XX Sarah

Ruby Gold Eyes

When looking for new make up inspiration I like to scroll through Instagram and Pinterest.

I came across this one Picture, which inspired me to do this look using deep reds and gold. Perfect for this festive Season!




Product list:


Smashbox – Primer

Estee Lauder – Double Wear Foundation in 2N1

Catrice Cosmetics – Concealer

Laura Mercier – Translucent Powder

Benefit  – Hoola Bronzer

MAC – Gingerly Bush


Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette (Mostly ‘Red Ochre’ to create the halo and ‘Primavera’ in the Center of the lid)

Violet Voss – Laura Lee Palette ( ‘Hissy Fit’ in the Center of the lid and inner corner)

Eyelure  – Blue Katy Perry Edition Lashes (I bought them about 3 years ago sorry!)


Charlotte Tilbury – ‘Very Victoria’ Lipstick

MAC  – ‘Whirl’ and ‘Subculture’ Lipliner


I hope you like this look! Thanks so much for tuning in!


xx Sarah




MAC ‘Ruddy’ Fall Look

I love fall! (you might have heard that one before 😉 )

Not only for the cooler weather but mostly for all the changing colors. I just love these reddish browns and orange tones, also for my makeup.

I recently went into MAC and fell in love with this new eyeshadow ‘Ruddy’ . Such a gorgeous orange-coppery-shade! It really accentuates the green in my eyes.

Here’s a smokey halo look I created today: (product list down below)



Product list:



Estee Lauder – Double Wear Foundation

Laura Mercier – Loose Setting Powder

Catrice Cosmetics  – Concealer

Chanel – Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer

MAC/Clinique – Blush

Estee Lauder  – Genuine Glow Highlighter



MAC – Eyeshadow “Ruddy” (new shade!)

Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance Palette

Ardell – Demi Whispies Lashes$

Maybelline – Mascara



MAC – Lipliner ‘Subculture’

Catrice Cosmetics – Lip Boost Lipgloss


I hope you like this look!  🙂

Let me know in the comments what you like about fall!

xx Sarah

First Impression: Infinity Palette/Brushes by Linda Hallberg

I seriously could not wait to get my hands on this one. Linda Hallberg has been an inspiration for me since day one!

She’s such an incredibly talented makeup artist but she seems to excel herself everytime she creates a new look. I truly adore her style and approach to make up and was more than thrilled to hear that she released her own makeup brand: LHCosmetics.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I’ve only had my palette for a couple of days so this is more of a first Impression since I am yet to try it properly.


The Palette Comes with 8 big pans of deliciousness. You get two highlighting shades  (Virgo, Milky Way) , two blushy shades (Andromeda, Pinwheel), two more nudey shades (Maffei, Cigar), a baby puke brown (Zwicky, which I loooove!) and a pitch black (Fornax).

“There are no rules to Make up”

The purpose or the idea behind this palette is hidden in the name. It’s supposed to give you infinite possibilities when creating a makeup look. You can choose which color you want to use as an eyeshadow or bronzer or liner. Plus: You can use them wet OR dry! There are no rules to make up, and I think this palette underlines this statement even more.

When I first felt the brushes though, I was a liiiiittle bit (just a little!) disappointed. I imagined them being a bit softer and more luxurious. But as I got to try them I started to like them alot. The liner brush is amazing! It gives me this perfect thin line while not being too hard to control.

The brushes:

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Here’s the look I created:

Shades used:

Zwicky: Transition colour in the crease as well as inner and outer corner to create a little halo

Fornax: Outer Corner, lower lashline

Virgo: Center of the lid, inner corner highlight and cheekbone Highlight

Liner is a Catrice Cosmetics liner pen.


As of right now I can say that I like the concept of the palette. I love the fact that you can carry one palette only and create different looks with it. I think it is convenient for when you travel or as an addition to your professional kit.

I am so excied to try more looks with this palette. Keep your eyes open for more pics on my Instagram 🙂

XX Sarah